[Respect for the Aged Day special] Luxurious gift collection for special occasion


[September 19th/Mon.] is known as the Respect for the Aged Day. It's the day to show respect and carings to the elderly who have served society for many years and to celebrate their longevity.

Many years onwards, life seniors have experienced multiple high-quality things for many years, our gift concierge has selected luxury collection which we can confidently recommend as the gifts for special occasion.

- High-quality daily necessities that suits perfectly well for gift collection.

These are just the regular towels you have chosen to use in life, Foo Tokyo offers the high-quality towels that have been appreciated greatly as premium gift collection to send out. Foo Tokyo towel collection contains a wide variety of gift combination, which you may be able to choose freely based your budget.

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- Good health starts with good sleep.

Silk pajamas change the quality of sleep

Getting good quality sleep is very important to stay healthy. Silk pajamas, which have been talked about by word of mouth for improving the quality of sleep, are recommended as a gift that expresses the desire to live a long and healthy life.

Not only does it have a good effect on sleep, silk is also very gentle on skin that always regarded as the natural beauty serum, not only it can be applied on the sensitive skin to elders but also it can moisture the skin, keeping them from

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- A pair item recommended for couples & good friend

From generation to generation, those who still remain good friends no matter how many years they have come through, choosing a good pair of gift items is certainly something that they could enjoy the moment together again.

Many of us have been taught that the number of matching items have been decreased as the time have gone through for years. From receiving the new gifts from one & another, it shall have started an another blooming story for each others.

Recommended pair gift collection 

[SGHR Sugahara x FOO TOKYO] Glass Candle Pair Set

Turquoise cotton pajamas