Foo Tokyo's love for silk material.

Foo Tokyo's signature item, silk pajamas. The superb texture of the silk pajamas, which is not visible on the surface but touches the skin, is so exquisite that once you put your sleeves on, you will be obsessed with the feeling. Smooth and comfortable silk pajamas will make your home time even better.

Silk is a high-grade fiber called "second skin." Silk, born from cocoons of silkworms, is made of amino acids and is gentle to the skin because its composition is close to that of human skin. Foo pajamas are made of luxurious 100% silk, which is one of the highest quality silk available. Foo pajamas are made of 100% luxurious high quality silk, which is not sand washed to give it a matte finish, but rather is made of "raw silk" that retains its original luster.

Enjoy the change over time.

However, while smooth to the touch and shiny, silk is a very delicate material, so care is inevitably important. The safest option is dry cleaning at a dry cleaner, but it is not possible to take it to the laundry every time.

Silk, like leather, is a material that can also change over time. Our wish is that you take good care of your silk items at home, enjoy the process of getting your own wrinkles and become attached to them.

How to wash silk products

The best way to care for silk at home is not to use a washing machine, but to wash it by leaving it in a water bath. Fill a washbowl or other container with water or lukewarm water, and add a detergent for fashionable clothes or a special detergent for silk. Then simply soak the silk product and leave it for the prescribed amount of time. Silk is a natural fiber, so dark colors may fade during washing. Because navy is a dark color, we recommend washing it separately from items that you are worried about color migration.

Silk is at its weakest when wet and satin will show fluffiness. Do not wring when drying. Drying without wringing will prevent deep creases. Silk, like skin, absorbs ultraviolet rays, so prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause sunburn. When drying, hang gently in the shade.

We hope that you will use our silk products comfortably and for a long time as if you were growing your own silk.