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The time between "I'm home" and "I'm leaving home" is a moment that connects today and tomorrow.  Foo Tokyo is a brand that provides the world with items that add "a sense of comfort" to the time and space we spend there, making us want to immerse ourselves in fantasy.

We are always surrounded by a large amount of information and connected to someone else. In this age where we lack the absolute time to feel at ease, we want to bring you a moment when you can breathe a comfortable sigh of relief.

Since its birth from this desire, we have been combining the "sense of beauty" of craftsmanship, which aims for perfection that shocks the viewer's senses, with the "technology" that makes it possible to realize it, and have been shaping each product not as a "product" but as a "piece of work" that weaves a story to enrich each customer's life.

The word "Foo" in our brand name is a word that expresses our wish to create a moment when people around the world can exhale and relax naturally by saying "Foo" when they use Foo Tokyo products. This is our hope nehinf our brand name.




There is a phrase we cherish: "The luxury of doing nothing." Take the smartphone, one of the most iconic products of our time. The "evolution of technology," with new models coming out every season, is moving at a pace far removed from the "evolution of people." Behind the scenes, it is also true that there are many people who are "trying too hard" to keep up with and surpass the rapid changes of the times.

As an antithesis to such a world in which people's hearts and minds are exhausted, our brand statement is an affirmation of "taking time to do nothing," as if to say, "You don't have to work hard. This is because "time to do nothing," which goes against the grain of the modern world, is essential to living richly in one's own way "in the moment."




What kind of brand is Foo Tokyo? As another answer, we see it as a brand that also has the aspect of “fantasy-inducing industry”. 

Recent research has revealed that relaxation and creativity are closely related. People are more creative when they are in a relaxed state, and conversely, when their creativity is increased, they are naturally led to a relaxed state.

In other words, the "flexibility and creativity" required in today's rapidly changing world can be obtained by incorporating "time to do nothing" into each person's life. The wish to increase the customer's "freedom of mind" is included. 



That is why Foo Tokyo creates products that are sometimes "gentle" in design and sometimes "noble" in spirit. By creating a brand with such a range, we hope to induce a positive mindset for the next day by inviting people into an extraordinary "mysterious world of fantasy" and tickling their inner creativity.

Foo Tokyo promises its customers "a relaxing time that makes you want to indulge in fantasy" and provides "a time to enhance your introspection, fantasy, and creativity for the next activity" around the world, thereby shaping a future where everyone can recognize their true selves and lead better lives.




"Pajamas and loungewear," one of our representative products, is the only type of clothing that is deeply related to "human comfort", and the quality of the manufacturing process is directly reflected in the experience of wearing the garment.

Because these clothes are the closest to the human body, Foo Tokyo designs and produces them without any compromise in terms of production background, materials, and details, based on our aesthetic sense and philosophy that "we cannot make compromised products that betray our customers" expectations.



For example, fabric selection. The founder himself selects fabrics that are suitable for "relaxing time" from thousands of excellent fabrics scattered all over the world. The sewing is also carried out by Japanese craftsmen who are active at the forefront of famous overseas maisons, giving shape to the ideal "specs that give you peace of mind" that we want to provide to our customers.



We have never wavered from this aesthetic sense and philosophy, and have continued to face the challenge of manufacturing since our establishment. The item that symbolizes this is our long-selling "silk pajamas," which have been updated many times since the brand was founded and have been loved and appreciated by many customers. Please take a look at our latest collection.

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There are many companies and business partners that sympathize with our craftsmanship. For example, Foo Tokyo was in charge of the blankets and in-train clothing for the luxury sleeper train, "Natsukeshi in Kyushu". The interior of the Natsukiboshi is a luxurious and gorgeous world of fantasy, so to speak, and we design products that will release the creativity and creativity of the passengers.



Many of Foo Tokyo's products are not only for personal use, but also as gifts that are close to the stories of many people. We believe that our role is not simply to sell "products", but to be close to the "story" of each person who purchases, and to add color to their precious time.





In addition, our products are now being handled by leading department stores not only in Japan but also around the world. For details, please click here to see the stores that carry our products.

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In addition, our staff columns provide information on new products, the latest event information, and suggestions for items that match the season. Please take a look at this column as well.

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